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Tech Talk: The Burton Step On Binding System

Burton Step On Bindings - Family

Until recently, the design of snowboard bindings had been kind of stagnant. There have obviously been improvements in comfort and adjustablity, from seamless straps to sliding heelcups. But at the end of the day, you were still strapping in using the same buckles and straps that snowboarders have been using for over twenty years.

2019 Winter Buying Guide: Everything You Need for Your Next Trip

Bogner Ski Jacket Jonny Moseley

Tips for Understanding Waterproof Ratings

The North Face Rain Waterproof Jacket

Not Waterproof Just because an item is built for the outdoors does not mean it's built to be waterproof. Primarily this is done for items that aren't meant to be worn as outerwear, like layering pieces or casual clothes. But sometimes outerwear isn't designed to be waterproof, either for enhanced breathability or simply because the manufacturer doesn't think it's necessary.

6 Best Rain Jacket for Outdoor Adventures

The North Face Venture 2 Rain Jacket - Waterfalls

Sun Protection, It's for Everyone!

UPF outdoor clothingDid you know that sun-protective clothing is very much a thing? And if you aren’t wearing it during your time outdoors, you may be putting your skin (and health) at risk.

You may be wondering “what the heck is UPF clothing, and why do I need it? Isn’t my clothing good enough?”

Choosing the Right Trail Runners: Part 2

HOKA ONE ONE Speedgoat 3 Trail Running Shoes

When we last left off, we discussed some of the finer points in choosing trail running shoes based on their characteristics and fit, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you're planning on hitting the trails often, you're also going to be worried about other features too. So, in our conclusion, here's the rest of the info you need to find the perfect trail runners.

Choosing the Right Trail Runners: Part 1

Trail Running for CouplesIf you get a little out of breath by just hearing the words “trail runners,” don’t worry. Trail runners have plenty of uses beyond actual running. These stiff soled, grippy athletic shoes are popular with hikers, joggers, and sometimes even mountain bikers who aren’t ready to spring for clip-in shoes.

Backpack Buying Guide: Choosing Your Bag Style

Choosing adventure backpackA backpack is a simple thing, two straps and it goes on your back. Right? Unfortunately not. While they may look similar, backpacks can vary significantly depending on what they’re built to do and who they’re designed to fit.

Ski Binding Basics: Choosing the Right Gear

Ski bindings and breaksIf you’ve been skiing before, you realize your bindings are important. The way they transfer your energy down to the ski’s edges, and hold your feet in place while turning, is a fundamental task that is the only thing making skiing possible.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Right Insulation

Puffy Snowboard JacketMost skiers and snowboarders know (okay, pretty much every skier and snowboarder knows) that insulation is essential to staying warm. Insulation works by both trapping your body heat against your core and creating a barrier to keep cold air off your skin.