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The Fanny Pack Is Back!

Sochi Fanny Pack

It’s not just for retro spring skiing anymore!

The upside of COVID is that my regular running game is strong. I walk/run every morning between two and six miles depending on how my body feels and how much time I have.

Tech Talk: Replacing Your Inline Skate Wheels & Bearings

Rollerblade Macroblade 100 Women's Skating

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Inflatable

Connelly Cruzer Soft Top Water Tube Action

Types of Inline Skates: Choosing Your Best Option

K2 Skates - Couple skating

In case you haven’t heard, inline skating is back. No longer relegated to the back of the garage or a corner of the closet, people are strapping on their skates and heading down the sidewalk. Why? That’s easy - it’s more fun than running and easier than cycling.

Everything You Need to Get Started Behind the Boat

O'Brien System Wakeboard

Tech Talk: Inline Skate Wheels and Bearings Explained

K2 Alexis Boa Inline Skate

How to Choose Your Ideal Running Shoe

Brooks Running ShoesKnowing how to pick a running shoe is a bit more involved than just choosing your favorite pair of sneakers. This is because even if your favorite kicks LOOK like running shoes, they're designed for fundamentally different tasks.

A Conversation with Ted Ligety

Since bursting onto the scene at age 21 and becoming the youngest American male to win an Olympic gold medal in Alpine skiing, Ted Ligety has become an icon in the outdoor industry. Known for his hard work and dedication, he has racked up tons of accolades including becoming the one U.S. male to win 2 Olympic gold medals along with winning five World Championship titles for giant slalom, the practice he’s most well known for.

Essential Tips: Choosing Your Next Pack

Hiking Backpack Options - Group in the MountainsEver felt intimidated by trying to figure out what gear you need for what sports? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. There’s so much specialized gear out there that it can be impossible to know where to start. But we can help – well, at least with backpacks. 

Peter Glenn Dryland Training Guide: Week 4


Rollerblade Skate to Ski Dryland Training - SkatersJonny Moseley here.  Today I’m taking over The Dryland Training Guide. Inline skating was always a staple in my cross training regimen but this is the  first time my boys have tried it. Like you, we’ve been cooped up at home for a while and we are always looking for something fun to get into. Enter the Blades.